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hey man so im playin on mac and im creating my character and her dick just wont stop spinning


shes like a sexy bunny version of meatspin what do i do

please help,


hey i paid 10 dollers do i get a download or sumthing

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Hello, I've downloaded the content (Windows 32 bit version) and tried to extract the files and run the app, but I keep running into difficulties with claims that my system is detecting malware. Would you be able to explain this? Thank you! I love your work!

Tried the game but it wouldn't run unfortunately, I was so looking forward to a preview! I've been waiting on this game for months haha

if I buy this here is it a one time purchase? Or is it going to renew?


It pretty much just serves as an alternative to Patreon, which means you'll get anything new that I release this month, but then no updates after that.

Please give me Rack 2


Hello there

I can not speak English

I was using translation software

I hope you can understand ^ ^

I ( to purchase your new furry game

My name is dipingxiangtr

You can query

But I can not connect Download

I guess it is because my area blocked Google

And I can not access Google related sites

Will you help me with this problem?


Does the game have Chinese? ^ ^


This game doesn't really work on my surface 3 :( will i have access to updated builds?


Hey there! Shoot me an email ( with the email address you use on here, and I'll shoot you a refund. The game most likely won't run on the surface, but you can check back in once I get into phase 4 (polish/optimization).

Hi Fek, I just spent 10$ on your package and was trying to play Rack 2, but it just stops when it is "loading character applying customization", I don't want a refund or anything, but I was wondering if there was any way to get past this?