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Is this game dead? I looked ad trello and last update by the dev was 2019

last update is 2020 but its 2 years


bit of help? i have the game running but the character keeps doing a zigzag walk, is there a way i can fix this?

Hey! So I have a bit of problem here.

As I start the game it starts rebuilding game asset directory, and as it is done it just stops-
And nothing happens afterwards.
Once I waited until the "end" and a window popped up saying: Virtual Alloc Remapping Failed.

If there is a solution, could anyone help me?


The most recent versions of these games are up on Fek's FA page,besides R2CK 2.12, this package is outdated, as will most automatic newer models for the game. Go check the FA page out first before making before y'all stagnate in those chairs.


Also, attempting to get a character from latest to Feb 2020 has completely corrupted the save.


Have you actually gone to his patreon or the actual Rack 2 website and read the Q&A section? Because if you had, you would have learned that he plans to release the game for free after it is closer to being fully developed, and even says multiple times that it's only available to patreons and those who buy it through right now because it is still in development, he even says that he prefers to make money on patreon instead of trying to make the game around sale strategies so that he can focus on the development of the game, so you don't have to pay for it as long as you have the patience to wait long enough for it to be released


I love how so many developers get 17k a month or more on patreon and can't even manage to put out fresh builds. It's genuinely insane how many people are okay being scammed by Fek, and the numerous people like them.


Are we gonna get the 2.12 build of Rack 2? It came out last year, I paid this year, so I should've gotten 2.12, not 2.11, right?

I recently bought the game and saw that I  got the 2.11 build and not the 2.12 build. :

Does this game have a discord? if yes, can't find it

I dunno which to pick.

Also, this game looks nice.


not worth the 10 dollars. a barely playable scam. pass this one up at all costs. wish i could get my money back


what do you think a dev build is stupid


It'll be worth it in the future, trust me. Also, Fek is making this game by themself, so be patient with em.


bish its a nice game!! its still in development so course u would think its not worth 10 dollars but when its done it would probably be worth more like 30 dollars from your rude standards >:( show the creator some respect!

It wont let me download it at all

I'm always stuck with "preparing game files". How do I fix it?

Some files haven't been added into the game yet, lol. I'm pretty sure Fek fixed the problem already though! Most of the problems atleast!

how do i switch those dna points in the holo room?


if you think you've been screwed over, just get the latest v0.2.12 build and support this creator instead, 'cause he is putting may more work in r2ck than fek does:

Deleted 1 year ago

I realise this is an old comment at this point... but if you bother looking at fek's patreon, you'll see he supports the fan mod and even links to it. you can support both- even if Fek isnt updating on itchio much anymore.

How do I raise client satisfaction? I spent half an hour with one who was happy with everything I did but I still couldn't get the satisfaction above 11%.


Where is the Aug 2020 build and will there be a new build soon?


itch isnt getting anymore updates. 2.12 went to patreon only. Hes nuts if he thinks im gunna pay monthly for an ice cubes chance in hell at an update a year....if youre lucky.pfft.

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v0.2.12 is up on patreon!

Considering dropping support; it's a great service, but not really made for this model. People go to itch expecting to pay once for full, finished games, and that's definitely not Rack 2.

— fek (@fekfekfekfek) <a href="<a href=" https:="""" fekfekfekfek="" status="" 1295866172529942530?ref_src="twsrc%5Etfw"">August" class="redactor-linkify-object">"...</a> 18, 2020
<script async="" src="" charset="utf-8"></script>that was from august 2020.
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have we been abandoned? ignored? not a single update since August 2020.

for r2ck relase it on steam if you can, so we dont have to you know, download it again after you update it, and we can just download ze update after it goes out, it can still be the same price, but it will be easyer for people to get it after the update, not wait for another download, just download ze update and boom, you can play again

it says it has bedplay how do i download bedplay

if I sign up for the $2 patreon teir, do I still have to pay $10 for each build?

You only get builds if you pledge $10 on patreon. $2 gets you jack


Honestly, it seems as if the files you guys get on itch are screwy. I suggest getting the ones from his Patreon. It allows you to get the recent builds, and if they don't work (which has happened to me a couple of times) the older versions usually do. And they are there for download as well. He usually puts out an updated build around every 4 months or so. So keep an eye out.


It says that I don't have permission to open the Mac File. Even tho I checked the info about the file and it shows that I have permission. (macOS Big Sur)


did bedplay 1.0.1 update removed Jasonafex?

"don't hate the player, hate the game"

I don't care how much he's a jerk, Squeak Clean and Doggy Licks were great

and Amorous was a MASTERPEICE that cured my depression

so yeah, at least let me have a 3rd character if you're gonna everything about him from eSix


the issue is that he's a zoophile


so what?! I don't hate he's a terrorist is he made Amorous that great


supporting horrible people that openly prey on those that cannot consent isn't a good look, ya know? i can smell your doodoo stains from here buddy go practice some selfcare


I don't care if he rape queen Elzabeth or nuked the statue of liberity,

Seth is my boy and he's too preacious, he can steal water from a desert in Africa and I'd still forgive him if he made a sequel to Amorous


i went to patreon thinking i would get 2.12 but after paying and downloading it i find out its 2.11. i dont mind paying for the dev builds but i want the one i pay for


hey can you add protogens


and also can i please not have to pay for each update

where is 2.12? if we are paying we deserve the most recent build.

Where Can I get the recent build??

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I don't have a PayPal card, so I can't pay... Fuck.

get a paypal key its just as good as a card

If you have an ultrawide it's unplayable in fullscreen mode (windowed only). Also even getting through character creation is fun and crashes are common.


Yo so during character creation my character's labia becomes a big spike. this is horrifying.
when making a male, i end up with the penis model duplicated, one tiny and rigid and the other floppy and spaghettified to ankle length.

tails are a mess of jumbled layers

bunny ears clip thru my head and flap about like propellers. 

What gives???


Also: i've definitely reported similar issues on other packages, and yet theyre never addressed. If you have the nerve to take money for something like this, you should at least fix things before asking again. 

hello i bought rack 2 and don't have the current build [v0.2.11] i have [v0.2.10] can you please ether email me the current build or publish it to itch


Stupid question but if one purchases the game before its completed do they get access to updates? I ask cuz i've never bought an incomplete game on itchio before


Nop you need to pay for each updapte


I'm pretty sure he has to upload the new version to itch in order for you guys to get your updated version as I purchased the game a second time = $20 and I didn't get the updated version so I made a Pay-Pal dispute and got my $10 back since I have already purchased the game and buying it a second time is pointless

If you press on "buy" then there is a little text for those who have already purchased. You will have to put your e-mail in a box, then you will get a mail with all your purchases.


hope this helps



Game is practically unplayable. This is a tech demo. It should be free in this state. $10 is a waste of money.

Deleted 2 years ago

It kinda needs to be even remotely playable to convince some involvement. I won't support it until it's actually playable.

Deleted 2 years ago

I cannot load recent save files. Anyway I could fix? 


The game seems to freeze after a certain percentage and not progress, but the percentage is not consistent. First time it was 86 then 87 now 46. How could I fix this? Running on a windows gaming PC.

If i purchase this, am i able to download it on multiple devices as long as i am signed into the same itch account?


Hey,  so Rack 2 refuses to open, says something about the data folder needing to be next to the .exe file? What do I do?

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