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The 32bit version of your game apparently has a trojan in it according to microsoft security

Well, this looks like it could be really cool. That being said, I cant even get past the first area without the game going nuts on me. I would like a refund for this and instead ill put the money towards being a patron. Really looks like it cold be something good though.


Interesting. I go to purchase this off Paypal and I get an error message. Something about confirming my bank account with them in order to make this purchase.

Fun part? I've been using the account for over a decade and have had no problems. What the heck is this about? This a glitch with Itch or is it part of their ''no porn allowed'' policy?


I'm a bit new to this website, I bought the previous package but does it includes access to the new one?

I too would like an refund, should really state that all you can do is walk around and finger a customer, but with no effect.. would love to know when you can actually do something though

I bought a package for a copy of Rack 2 in development and I couldnt even do anything but walk around. Id love to get my hands on the latest version. Do I have to buy for every subsequent version?

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Same as Okomura.. I thought it a little more had been added to Rack 2 when i payed for it.. I would like a refund and id rather spend it on becoming a patron

My Paypal is:


is there any why i can support i don't have lots of money can i sopport in a nother way

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Can I ask for return my money. I don't have a uptaded ;-; Can you fix this? .,.

I' m wait for the finally version!

If you want a help with polish language, this is my email

okay... i payed 10$ for a build of rack 2 and the only feature is talking an walking? nice! and now i must pay for the new version again? thats bullshit i wait until its free2play


What's your email address? I'll shoot a refund your way.


Do I need to go to Patreon and buy for another 10 to get the next version?

my email is



i dont want a refund, take my money and use it smart :D but i still wont buy a new version :D I payed the 10$ and it wont run at all, just immediately crashes

I also bought a new version of the game 2 times

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linux build crashes after configuration screen - core i7, ubuntu LTS16.04 (32bit), Nvidia 7300GT graphics with noveau driver.

Trying the win64 build on laptop now. :3 core2duo, win64, intel built-in graphics. hm, crash after 'save changes'.

But I like the loading screen! :D And the character preview is pretty. Can't wait to see the next version. ^^