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Sadly the first person without the frog avatar. :(

I am sorry guys.

I can't wait for this game to come out. I need this.

is it worth right now?

when I run the game I have a message at the bottom of the screen that says he could not start correctly, and that I had to stop the game and the problem again I have the bug every time the shots I can not play I am under win10


so I have downloaded the newest version of the game but when I turn it on it says that it needs to download additional data and goes to a screen of  hexagons. was there something I didn't do or need to download?

When I goto, it says this model is from a newer version, even though I just bought this. Isn't this the latest version


I downloaded but keep getting a "crash 153650" I'm not good with computers and can't find anywhere to contact Fek about it for help. Someone help me :(


The grid slider for character dick model broke and now my bunnys dick wont stop spinning how do i fix this


It's been two months and I wanna try the updated version again. However, I'm not currently able to set up a Patreon donation, so when will the newest version of the game be released here?

Are sex toys currently not working as intended? Clients with a sex toy requirement don't gain any stimulation regardless of them apparently enjoying it.


how does one side load the missing parts?  I'm a network tech, not a programmer.

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I'm having some problems with running it. Is is stuck at one screen with 1FPS and I cannot do nothing. After 2 minutes it crashes. Tried every graphic option. Any idea how to fix it?


go to C:\Users\(whatever your name is here folder)\AppData\LocalLow and delete the fek folder
 should work after that

Thank You


I also get stuck on this screen; and the "delete the fek folder", tip didn't help me at all... lol.

Deleted 2 years ago

I'm having the same issue


eyyy we all got frog avatars :D