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If you stumbled on this page by accident, here's a quick introduction!

I'm fek, and I make furry porn games. Most people support me by making monthly pledges on patreon (www.patreon.com/fek), and in return, they get monthly demos, source files, and sneak peeks at projects I'm working on.

Sometimes, though, people miss a pledge, which means they miss out on some of those demos. This page exists so that those people can still manually snag a copy of the latest demos so they don't miss out!

Here's what's in this month's package:

  • R2CK 0.2.1 DEVBUILD for Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Bedplay 1.0.1 ALPHA for Windows and Mac (includes character template files)
  • Midnight Fireworks 1.4.1 ALPHA for Windows and Mac
  • Rack 1.1.0 ALPHA for Windows and Mac
  • Android builds: Rack 1.0.1Midnight Fireworks 1.4.1Bedplay 1.0.1
    • Note: you will need to manually sideload these APK files; they cannot be distributed through the Play store or Amazon.
    • Note: these alpha builds are very rough on mobile devices. The interface is not designed for small touchscreens, and performance is very low (often dipping below 15fps). They have been provided by request, but I really vouch them as playable, stable products.
  • RackOPEN 1.0.1 (Source code for Rack which can be used according to these terms of service: http://www.fek.onl/racksubjects/source.html)
  • Midnight Fireworks SOURCE 1.4.0 (Source code for Midnight Fireworks which can be used according to these terms of service: http://www.fek.onl/racksubjects/source.html)
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    Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

    In order to download this monthly patron package you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $10 USD. You will get access to the following files:

    LINUX.zip 244 MB
    MAC.zip 240 MB
    WIN32.zip 223 MB
    WIN64.zip 225 MB


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    when ever i try to launch 2.1 it goes to the loading screen then puts the hotbar and other hud stuff in the bottom right of the screen and doesnt load (because usally it loads really quick) but using a old version works fine

    Made the mistake of logging into racknet, game won't stop trying to connect and is effectively broken now.

    Mac isn't working, says it is missing a file.

    any way to get it to load on Mac?

    Hey what will this show up as on my billing statement? I'd rather not have "Fek's Furry Porn Package" listed 

    Hey, are there any cheat codes for 2.1? My 2.0 save data won't work on 2.1 so the 30000 monies I had saved for new content is gone T^T Not to mention all my swaggy decorations :c


    I got the source codes, Android files, R2CK and Bedplay, but not Rack 1 or Midnight Fireworks.  What gives?

    You can play the games here free if that's what you want.


    There is all of the games excepting R2CK


    Hey man, whenever I try and cross the bridge to the chairs, my game crashes... what can I do?

    I just time a jump (space bar) as I step onto the bridge! Jumping the part that's clipping.